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Big Problems Require Real Leadership. Mitt Romney Will Show That Tonight


Location: Tampa, FL

Congressman Tim Huelskamp said today he looks forward to tonight's speech by Gov. Mitt Romney. which he says marks the beginning of a restored hope for an American future led by Americans.

"Mitt Romney has been given an opportunity few leaders have had-a chance to reaffirm the genius of the American Experiment," said Huelskamp. "And tonight's speech is a great opportunity for him to show how Americans are the true builders-not Washington, DC."

"The real genius of America's success has been its Constitution and the character of its people," said Huelskamp. "Government doesn't solve problems. And more often than not, it makes things worse. The Obama plan is a government expansion plan-and it's failed. He can't use the 'Bush excuse.' He has destroyed hope through massive regulation and increased power coming out of Washington. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, knows that it's the genius of the American people that counts, not bureaucrats in our nation's capital."

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