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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Private enterprise creates jobs, and government provides a foundation on which those jobs are created. Harbors, roads, ferries, electricity, water and sewer, education -- all are foundational to the economy. I am committed to focusing government on the fundamentals and creating a healthy economic climate for business and job creation.

"Fix-it first": Fix what we have before building expensive new and fancy projects. In general, I think government should focus on the basics, and focus on doing the basics well. Bringing our existing basic infrastructure into a good state of repair should be the State's first priority.

Opposed to extravagant expenditures. I don't use the word boondoggle lightly, but the proposed Knik Arm Bridge is a sobering example of State spending gone awry. The Knik Arm Bridge is a billion-dollar project with limited public benefit. I'm committed to bringing a frugal and conservative approach to State capital spending. Less money to extravagant projects means more money to job-creating projects.

Creating a 21st century economy. The quality of life in Alaska can attract top-notch talent. I believe Alaska should incentivize young talent to come to Alaska and create a startup economy, as well as make a concerted effort for Alaska to attract and retain young entrepreneurs that will propel Alaska's economy into the 21st century.

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