Issue Position: Transportation

Issue Position

By:  Kevin Ranker
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

The state must view our ferry system with the same degree of attention and commitment that it views every other part of our public transportation system. Not only are ferries critical to the everyday lives of residents of San Juan and Skagit Counties, but they are also a significant economic driver for our $11 billion state tourism economy as they are consistently recognized as a major draw for visitors. Ferries should be acknowledged as a benefit to our state economy in addition to being an expenditure within our transportation budget.

In the 2011 session I was very proud to not only make sure that there were no cuts in ferry service, but to also secure construction of the first new 144 car ferry in decades, creating critical relief for an aging fleet and hundreds of Washington maritime jobs in a time when they are desperately needed.