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Issue Position: Protecting Seniors & Creating Affordable Health Care Choices

Issue Position

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For the past two years Congressional Republicans have proposed a radical plan to end Medicare as we know it. Instead of extending the Medicare guarantee for future generations, the Republican plan would "voucherize" Medicare and reopen the Medicare Part D "donut hole". John believes this is wrong and will continue fighting to protect and strengthen this critical program along with Social Security.

Two years after the historic passage of the Affordable Care Act, Connecticut and the United States continue to see positive results. Thanks to the law, over 2.5 million young adults have been able to stay on their parent's health insurance until age 26 and millions of seniors have saved billions of dollars in prescription drug costs thanks to the law closing a gap in coverage, known as the Medicare Part D "donut hole." The law will also end the injustice of Americans with pre-existing health conditions being denied or charged more for health insurance and will make sure that all Americans have access to affordable coverage.

Despite this historic step forward, Republicans in the House of Representatives have voted to repeal the bill and deny Americans these vital benefits. For the past two years, Republicans in Congress have proposed a radical plan to end the Medicare guarantee to seniors as we know it. Instead of strengthening the Medicare guarantee for future generations, the Republican plan provides future seniors with a voucher and would undo the donut hole provision that has and will continue to save seniors billions of dollars. I was proud to vote against these disastrous proposals and will continue to fight to protect Medicare and the Affordable Care Act.

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