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The Obama Economic Record


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We were told from the beginning that the Obama administration would make history. And it has. Unfortunately, it's not good history.

Today, our national debt stands at $15.5 trillion. That's a record.

Today, there are 88 million Americans not in the labor force. That's a record.

And for more than three years, the unemployment rate has stayed above 8%. That's a record not seen since the Great Depression.

What does the Obama administration say about this record of bad economic numbers? Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says the administration's economic policies have been "remarkably successful."

Yes, they've been successful in keeping people from finding work and they've been successful in driving up our national debt.

This November, we get this chance to vote for real change. We need a new president, a new approach and a new economic policy that empowers small businesses rather than big government. Barack Obama hasn't been able to help Americans find jobs. It's time he start looking for a new job as well.

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