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O'Donnell Statement on April's Job Report


Location: Unknown

Americans know our economy is stagnant -- the unemployment rate remains too high with more and more people losing hope on finding jobs. It's time to end Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's economic policies and get the country back on track to job creation. It's time to create good paying jobs, reduce energy prices, reduce our foreign trade deficit, and support economic expansion by advancing a reasonable national energy policy.

It's time for a Congressman who supports the XL Pipeline on the House floor. The XL Pipeline is expected to add 20,000 jobs immediately and many hundreds of thousands of more jobs eventually to this failing economy. I agree with organized labor that this project should go forward now, not delayed "until after the election". It is unfortunate Congressman Hoyer hesitated in his support of this venture. We must tap into our vast natural resources to create jobs, lessen our dependence on foreign oil, strengthen our national security and cut the trade deficit.

It's time for a Congressman who supports the planned expansion for the Cove Point LNG plant right here that will create thousands of good paying jobs and economic expansion for Prince Georges County, Anne Arundel County and all of Southern Maryland. An average of 750 construction workers would be employed during 3+ years of construction, a majority of them good Union jobs. There will be between 2,700 and 3,400 jobs associated with the project in Calvert County alone at the peak of construction activity. These jobs will be filled by workers from all 5 counties in this congressional district. We could grow as many as 14,600 more jobs in several industries once gas exports begin.

It's time we had a Congressman who is not afraid to lead and take on the challenges facing our citizens and country. Representative Hoyer no longer represents the economic interests of the citizens of Maryland's 5th Congressional district. His "tax, tax, spend, spend" ways and policies have contributed to the terrible Unemployment Report today. We need a Congressman who will step up and fight for American workers and free enterprise, and work to facilitate job opportunities where all Americans can pursue their own American dream -- it's time.

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