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CNN "Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees" - Transcript


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Let me ask you. Earlier this evening, you spoke with our colleague John King, who moderated the debate. You said that if you were so inspired, you might actually endorse someone this evening. Can you tell us, were you so inspired?

GOV. JAN BREWER (R), ARIZONA: I was really inspired tonight. I thought this was a fabulous, fabulous debate, so much so that now maybe I'm a little bit even more confused. I thought they all did fabulous.

BORGER: But, now, you have met with each of the candidates, except for Ron Paul, I gather.

BREWER: Right. Yes.

BORGER: And can you share with us anything that they told you to try and tip the balance in their favor? I know you met with Mitt Romney just before this debate. BREWER: Well, I think that, you know, of course, I understand they come in and they want to tell you all about their positives and where they want to go.

And they were concerned about the things that I was concerned about in trying to make my decision. And so we discussed a lot of that back and forth. And, tonight, each and every one of the three at least that I met with satisfied that in some instances.

BORGER: But, obviously, immigration a huge issue here, a huge issue for you.

Is there anything that struck a chord with you this evening because there was a lot of discussion about building a fence, building a double fence, building a wall, strengthening immigration laws. Is there anyone in particular who you thought made the best case that would sell in the state of Arizona to the Republican Party?

BREWER: Well, to be perfectly candid, I liked exactly what Newt Gingrich has said about really working with the governors of those border states.

I think that's really, really important. But that doesn't mean that the other candidates won't do that. I think that we hear from all of them that they understand that that is a huge issue for America, and that they need to stand tall and to secure our borders, and that we're a nation of laws, and we believe in the rule of law.

BORGER: OK, thank you so much, Governor.

BREWER: Thank you.

BORGER: And tell us when you're going to endorse -- back to you, Anderson.

BREWER: I will. Thank you.


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