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Congressman Cantor Discusses Small Business Job Growth & the President's Failed Economic Policies on the Morning Shows


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Small Businesses Are The Backbone Of America. "I don't think anyone wants to pay higher taxes. I think the reason why Warren Buffett's secretary and so many millions of other Americans are frustrated is they see policies that have been promoted for the last three years by this White House that, frankly, don't work. What do most people do when you reach a point and see that things aren't working? You try something new. That's what we're trying to advocate, we've got a bold vision for this country on how to focus on a growth oriented, small business perspective. Let's get out of the mind-set of saying that Washington's got to start this program and initiate some other new project, because that's not what America is built on. The backbone of America has to do with the aspirational sense of small business in this country. That's where jobs come from. That's what people want to see. Hopefully, we can come together on that simple notion that small business is the backbone of America and we've got to provide the actual vision and the policies that can allow them to start up again and grow." CBS This Morning

We Believe Everybody Should Have A Fair Shot To Achieve Success."We believe that everybody should have a fair shot. No question that Republicans care about those who, frankly, are waking up this morning and don't know where their next meal is coming from. We have to make sure they're equipped with the necessary tools so they can gain a position on the ladder of success. We all believe in that fair shot. But to muddle the issue on taxes, about Warren Buffett and his secretary, is not very helpful in this debate. What we want to do is make sure that we really affect some change here and stop the policies that have been in place over the last three years that haven't worked. We know that our economy's not growing enough. We know we can do better. Republicans are putting together a bold vision for growth in the private sector, for small businesses of this country, so we can get the economy moving again and get people back to work." CNN

The Policies Promoted By This President Haven't Worked. "I'm worried that the President's proposals actually cost something, and I'm not sure how it's going to be paid for. He did mention some kind of tax to be placed on financial institutions. Again, there's no free money out there, I think we've seen that. The bottom line is overall, this economy could be doing a lot better. And the reason why we're not doing better is the policies that have been promoted by this President and the White House haven't worked. What our point is, as we continue to try and focus on the issue of economy and jobs, we've got to try something different. I think most people when they determine something doesn't work, they try something different. And instead of focusing on new programs out of Washington, on new things this government can do, why don't we focus on the private sector and growing small businesses because that's where jobs come from." MSNBC Morning Joe

Congressman Cantor On Strengthening Entitlements For The Future. "First of all, Joe, you referenced a lot of tension that occurred last year that we talked a lot about. I think the root of that tension has to do with the fact that we do hold the majority in the House, and we've come here really to affect change, to stop the trajectory, stop the spending of trillions of dollars that we don't have. So the difficulty came in that there couldn't be agreement. The White House and the Senate did not agree with us on the fact that we believe you've got to fix the real problem which disproportionately falls into the area of health care entitlements. We get the numbers. The numbers are every day 10,000 people turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare, every day. The problem is, that program gets its support and monies from premiums and taxes that people pay in, but that flow of revenue only covers a little over half the cost of that program. So every day times 10,000, you are that much further in the hole. We've got to fix that." MSNBC Morning Joe

Congressman Cantor On Keeping High-Skilled Workers In America. "The President talked last night about high-skilled workers and the fact that many come from other countries to our country. They are educated in our masters and Ph.D. programs and then they're sent home. Oftentimes they're sent home with venture capital that follows them to create jobs overseas. We can certainly all agree on that. If the President says he'll sign that bill and not cloud it with some other controversial measures, we should be able to do that that's a pro-growth measure that's part of the Republican House Job Creators' Agenda, too." CNBC Squawk Box

Congressman Cantor On Iran And Executing Our Mission As The Global Leader."I just came back from the Persian Gulf region. And I will tell you, our allies over there are extremely worried about the threat posed by the regime in Iran and its continued pursuit of nuclear weapons capability. There are questions that those regimes, our allies and those governments there ask about America, and will America stand tall with our allies? We've got the same issue when it comes to U.S.-Israel relationship. You know, this Administration seems to continue to want to try to influence and pressure Israel, when there isn't a partner for peace on the other side of the table. The facts are that our allies in the region are questioning whether we have the wherewithal, whether America can continue to lead. When you look at the proposals that this Administration has put on the table, as far as defense cuts are concerned, it worries me after being in the field, on some of our military bases in the region, about whether we're going to be able to continue to execute our mission as the global leader."FOX & Friends

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