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Aderholt: The FCC's Latest Move in the Proposed AT&T/T-Mobile USA Merger Demonstrates Yet Another Disconnect Between Administration and the Need for Job Creation

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04), today released the following statement regarding the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile:

"While the Obama Administration's $1.17 trillion stimulus package and failed Solyndra loans clearly demonstrated that the government cannot create jobs," said Aderholt. "The FCC and DOJ are demonstrating that the federal government actually can eliminate them."

"At a time when millions of Americans are looking for work, it appears that the Administration is looking to stifle job creation in one of the few industry sectors we're ahead. The record is clear that this merger will allow an American company to purchase a foreign owned company that would create jobs here in the U.S. building and operating the new high-speed, nation-wide wireless broadband network and opening the way for everyone to have access to high-speed wireless broadband, including in rural areas like my district."

"Just last week the FCC stated that the expansion of high-speed broadband would add 500,000 new jobs across the country, and now they have inexplicably moved to try to block a merger that would generate up to 96,000 new jobs from AT&T's direct investment alone."

"As a senior member of the Appropriations subcommittee overseeing funding for national commerce and justice-related programs, we should be constantly looking for ways to facilitate cost-effective investment in critical infrastructure to spur job creation and advance America's global competitiveness, and this merger would accomplish both without costing the taxpayers a dime."

"The FCC's order would condemn Americans to staying in an era of slower speeds, slower deployments of this revolutionary technology, and fewer jobs. While all mergers must be reviewed I think the Administration should rethink this decision and encourage the investment in high-speed wireless broadband, not deter investment by throwing up roadblocks,"

Aderholt currently serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security for the powerful House Appropriations Committee, is a member of the Committee's Commerce, Justice and Science; and Agriculture Subcommittees, and also serves on the Helsinki Commission.

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