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Roskam Profoundly Disappointed by Democrats Stopping the Balanced Budget Amendment


Location: Washington, DC

Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (IL-06) issued the following statement today after a vote on a clean historic Balanced Budget Amendment failed to get two-thirds support of the House, garnering just 25 Democratic votes. In 1995, 72 House Democrats voted for the same Balanced Budget Amendment -- including numerous that voted against it today.

"I'm profoundly disappointed that today's historic vote to change the way Washington does business failed due to partisan politics. A federal Balanced Budget Amendment -- with overwhelming public support -- would force Washington to balance a budget just like families do. It shouldn't be about partisan politics, it should be about gaining confidence and creating an environment where we're not in jeopardy of taking on another $15 trillion in debt. It is disheartening that transparent hypocrisy and partisan politics trumped tackling our current and future debt."

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