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Huizenga Votes to Disapprove Giving the President More Taxpayer Money to Burn


Location: Washington, DC

The House and U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, MI-02, voted today to disapprove the President's getting another $900 billion in borrowing authority under the Budget Control Act. Huizenga, who co-sponsored H. J. Res. 77, said:

"Out-of-control spending got us into this economic mess, yet just weeks after averting a spending crisis and two years after his first $1 trillion stimulus failed to help employment or the economy, the President had the audacity to ignore that and come before Congress to ask his debt-reduction committee to find him more money to spend. I can tell you, my constituents aren't buying it and neither am I. The House has passed 12 bills this year waiting on action from the President and Senate that will create jobs now without spending more. That is how we must move forward to give Americans jobs, create certainty for small businesses, and help our economy recover."

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