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Alexander: Give Private Sector Freedom to Succeed


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-Quitman) issued the following remarks in regards to the President's address to the Joint Session of Congress:

"Fresh off the August District Work Period, every member heard first-hand the deep frustrations Americans have with the way Washington is doing business. At the same time, the economy did not produce a single new job.

"The Obama administration has publicly listed a total of 219 new regulatory actions under consideration for the upcoming year--each of which has an estimated price tag of $100 million or more. In addition to this astounding number, there are many Democrats who have expressed wishes to build on the failed $800 billion "stimulus' bill. House Republicans, at the time, argued that a large, deficit-bankrolled spending bill was not a responsible way to improve our economic situation or promote a sustainable fiscal future. While our unemployment rate lingers at nine percent and our deficit numbers seem insurmountable, unfortunately, our concerns have been validated.

"Moreover, this goes to show that throwing more money at the problem won't make our fiscal woes go away. An equally-important reminder for our lawmakers should be that government does not have an impressive track record of creating jobs. However, government can create an environment that fosters long-term job growth.

"I hope President Obama and my colleagues in the other chamber will work with House Republicans during the coming weeks to reduce the excessive regulation that is stifling job growth. At the end of the day, this divided government must find some common ground to make our country financially viable.

"As members of Congress, it is our duty to advance sound policies that support economic liberty and will give the private sector the freedom to succeed. Washington must remove barriers to job creation and finally provide Americans relief from uncertainty so our businesses can grow once again."

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