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Rokita Responds to President Obama's Economic Speech


Location: Unknown

Rep. Todd Rokita responded to President Obama's economic speech tonight before a joint session of Congress:

"What the American people needed to hear tonight from the President was an acknowledgment that his policies have failed and his assurance that he is willing to change course, putting the American people before politics. Instead President Obama offered up another campaign speech filled with shortsighted gimmicks, lip service to pro-growth policies and a tribute to the same big government, failed stimulus policies that have resulted in record debt and the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Getting government out of the way is the most important thing we can do right now to unleash entrepreneurship, small business and economic growth. Instead we heard calls to raise taxes on job creators, spend more and borrow money from our children and grandchildren.

I encourage the President to support serious spending reforms, the most important of which is a balanced budget amendment. Getting our fiscal house in order will provide much needed certainty to the economy and reassure businesses and investors. In addition, I hope President Obama will join with us in support of major regulatory and tax code reforms to get government out of the way and make America more competitive so small and medium-sized businesses can begin creating jobs again."

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