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Getting Americans Back to Work

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CICILLINE. Madam Speaker, having spent the last several weeks in Rhode Island with families, small business owners, manufacturers and builders, people in my district are hurting, facing real struggles every single day. The jobs crisis is causing real anxiety and real havoc in their daily lives.

Last night, the President laid out a serious plan to get Rhode Islanders and Americans back to work. The President put forth a jobs plan that reflects many of the priorities I have been working on and have heard during my community suppers, small business tours, and visits with manufacturers. We heard strategies to rebuild American manufacturing and to make it in America again, creating jobs by enacting small business tax cuts, supporting workers by expanding middle class tax cuts, and rebuilding our Nation's roads, bridges, and schools. And providing greater support and job opportunities for returning veterans, the long-term unemployed, and our young people.

The time for taking action to create jobs is now. Americans have endured the crushing consequences of this economic recession for far too long, and there is no time to waste.

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