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Blog: We Need Real Solutions to the Jobs Crisis, Not More Government Spending


Location: Washington, DC

Some reports suggest that in his "jobs speech" Thursday, the President will recommend another round of spending similar to that in his 2009 "stimulus plan." More government spending is the last thing America can afford and is not an approach that will result in the job creation we so desperately need.

Every economic report released recently provides more evidence that our economy will continue to struggle if we stay on the same big spending course the President and Democrats in Congress have favored. The most recent labor report showed zero jobs created in August -- the weakest jobs report since September 2010.

These latest figures, as well as those over the past two years, clearly show that President Obama's policies are not resulting in job creation and although millions of Americans are suffering due to unemployment, inflation and high energy costs, the President and leaders in the Senate don't appear eager to change course.

The President said we needed to pass the so-called "stimulus" plan to keep unemployment below 8%, but now over a year after our supposed "Recovery Summer" we are seeing unemployment still above 9% and according to the most recent CBO report it is expected to remain well above 8% in 2014.

Some of the examples previously cited as "stimulus" success stories (such as Solyndra which filed bankruptcy last week) have failed to produce jobs. A recent news report citing figures from, the U.S. government's official website that tracks stimulus spending, showed that a "stimulus grant of nearly $500,000 to grow trees and stimulate the economy in Nevada yielded a whopping 1.72 jobs." "If the question is "was this a job-creating project?' the answer is 'no, it wasn't," said Nevada state official Bob Conrad.

The President's so-called "stimulus" plan did not achieve the job creation we were promised, yet he and Senate Democrats seem poised to propose more of the same, although possibly under a different name. Now is the time for leadership and bold solutions, not failed policies reintroduced under new names.

Republicans in the House have passed at least a dozen bills to promote job creation by reducing the burdens and uncertainty that are keeping America's businesses from hiring. Only one of those jobs bills passed by the House (the one to repeal the 1099 reporting requirements in the health care law) has been taken up in the Senate. Eleven bills are still waiting for the Senate to act.

Speaking at a Labor Day event attended by President Obama on Monday, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa offered his "army" to the President to "take out" those who oppose him and "give America back to an America where we belong." Now is not the time to pit Americans against each other or to play politics. Now is the time for the President and Senate Democrats to join Republicans to work on real solutions.

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