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Statement on the Boehner Debt Ceiling Plan


Location: Washington, DC

Jaime Herrera Beutler released the following statement following her vote in favor of the Boehner debt ceiling proposal.

"All through the debate over how to address the debt ceiling, I have maintained that our solution must meet three criteria. First, it must protect Social Security. Not only does this plan include no cuts to Social Security benefits, it helps us meet our debt obligations and stops the Administration from making a decision to withhold Social Security checks.

"Second, I said I could not support a plan that included any increase in tax rates on families and small businesses in my district. This plan does not include a single tax increase.

"Third, the plan must put country back on a financially responsible path by addressing Washington, DC's overspending problem. This plan not only changes the trajectory of this country's spending, it makes a down payment on lowering our nation's debt.

"I do not want August 2 to pass without a solution to our country's impending debt ceiling issue. This plan represents the second solution in that many weeks that I have helped send to the Senate, after last week's bipartisan "Cut, Cap and Balance' proposal. The plan I voted for today isn't perfect, but it's a serious proposal to meet the nation's debt obligations without issuing DC another "blank check.'"

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