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Statement on Budget Control Act


Location: Washington, DC

The U.S. House of Representatives today voted in favor of the Budget Control Act [S. 365-as amended], which cuts and caps federal spending while ensuring that the U.S. does not enter into default.

"I applaud the Speaker for his efforts to avoid a default with real spending cuts and without raising taxes. This was a defeat for the President. However, I was concerned with last minute changes to the bill that could lead to devastating defense cuts. Defense is one of our few constitutional obligations. Therefore, I withheld my full support of this legislation.

"I supported both previous Republican measures. However, changes made this weekend to the previous proposal could have a detrimental impact on our defense capabilities, including some based in Utah. While I would have preferred that we made deeper cuts in non-defense spending, this bill still takes steps in the right direction. I will now work to ensure that we do not harm our military capabilities.

"If we are ever really going to control spending, we must acknowledge that right now, Washington does too much and spends too much beyond its constitutional obligations. Washington cannot be the solution for everything. As we continue to cut spending and implement new reforms, we must disperse power back to the people and the states. It's not just that Washington spends too much money, it's that we spend money on too much. Federalism is the only solution that provides long-term fiscal reforms necessary to get our country back on track."

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