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Statement on President Obama's Address to the Nation Regarding our Economy


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Francisco "Quico" Canseco, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, issued the following statement in reaction to President Obama's address to the nation regarding our economy:

"Once again, President Obama chose to play the blame game and tried to lay responsibility for what is happening in our economy with anything or anyone besides himself and his failed economic policies of attempting to spend and borrow our way to economic prosperity. Today, he demonstrated he doesn't get it - Washington's problem isn't that we can't spend enough, but that we spend too much.

"Showing just how out of touch he really is, in an Alice in Wonderland moment, President Obama called for more federal spending in the name of economic growth. He also indicated that his "plan' for dealing with our nation's spending-driven debt crisis is nothing more than the same proposal for jobs-crushing tax increases on American families and businesses and smoke and mirrors spending cuts that have already been rejected by the American people.

"Almost 4 months ago, the House of Representatives passed a bold budget plan for dealing with our nation's long-term spending problems. Instead of working with the House of Representatives to find a solution to our nation's spending-driven debt crisis, President Obama and other Washington liberals in the United States Senate chose to spend the 4 months since its passage engaging in a full-scale effort to demagogue and distort this proposal. In doing so, President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress chose to focus on securing their own political future, instead of the future of generations of Americans that will be buried under a mountain of debt if we fail to get spending under control."

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