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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position


The Massive Health Care Overhaul:

In January of this year, I voted for H.R. 2, to repeal President Obama's health care law. This government takeover of the health care system does nothing to bring down the cost of health care for Americans.

In actuality, last year's new health care law will:

* Raise taxes by more than $500 billion when we are in the worst recession in almost a century.

* Cut Medicare by more than $500 billion, jeopardizing access to quality health care for senior citizens.

* Add another $1 trillion in new federal spending by creating a new entitlement program even as Social Security and Medicare are running out of money.

Once fully implemented, this health restructuring law will cost $2.5 trillion. We cannot afford those costs nor can we leave our children and grandchildren with that kind of debt burden.

Repeal & Replace The Health Care Law:

I have cosponsored The "Reform Americans Can Afford Act of 2010" to repeal and replace the recently enacted health care law with cost-effective legislation that allows Americans access to affordable, quality health care.

We Need Common Sense Health Care Reform:

I support several reforms that will help Americans gain access to quality health care coverage, without raising taxes and cutting Medicare. Reforms such as ending restrictions on pre-existing conditions, allow for the sale of insurance across state lines, establish high-risk insurance pools, banning lifetime limits on insurance coverage and allowing children to stay on their parent's plan longer.

Opening Up The Health Care Negotiations To The Public:

I believe that full transparency is critical to a healthy democracy. Last year, I introduced the "Sunshine Resolution" to ensure that government leaders conduct the people's business in public. My resolution demanded that Congress open its doors to the public by preventing private meetings, backroom deals, and secrecy while drafting the health care bill.

Repeal The Sweet-Heart Deals Included In The Health Care Bill:

This year, I authored legislation (H.R. 1324) to repeal the "sweet-heart deals" added to the health care bill, such as the "Louisiana Purchase," "U-Con," and other expensive back-room deals costing taxpayers an estimated $2.9 billion.

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