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Lamborn Fights for Our Troops Rejects Reid Bill that Would Devastate Armed Forces


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) today voted against Senator Reid's Budget Control Act. The House rejected the bill in a bipartisan vote of 246 to 173.

"This bill is full of phantom savings and budget gimmicks. It gives the President a blank check to continue spending at the bloated Obama levels that are threatening to bankrupt our nation.

"I am especially concerned that it reduces defense spending to dangerous levels. Congress' first constitutional duty is to defend America. Senator Reid's defense cuts will leave us with a hollow force and constitute an abandonment of that sacred trust. Beyond crippling our military, the Reid bill could force Congress to break faith with the brave men and women who have endured multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, by altering their benefits.

"I recognize the need to increase our debt ceiling in order to protect America's sterling credit rating and pay our obligations in a timely manner. I remain hopeful that Congress can find a bipartisan way forward before the August 3rd deadline. But the American people expect and deserve a solution that includes real cuts to spending that don't threaten our national security." Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

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