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Breaking Washington's Addiction to Taxpayers' Money

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, is President Obama really pushing to raise taxes while unemployment hovers around 9 percent just to get an increase in the debt limit?

Republicans beg to disagree. Increasing taxes on American job creators and families will mean fewer new jobs are created, which will result in more Americans remaining unemployed. Washington does not need tax hikes to raise the debt ceiling. Washington needs spending cuts. The Federal Government is addicted to taxpayer money. The solution is not giving it more of Americans' hard-earned money. No. The solution is to halt the runaway spending and permanently reform Washington's reckless spending habits.

We can fix this problem and pay our bills on time, Mr. Speaker. However, refusing to cut spending and going with status quo tax hikes would be a recipe for disaster that will rob future generations of a chance to fulfill the American Dream.

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