Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

By:  Tim Scott
Date: Jan. 1, 2011
Location: Unknown

The energy crisis currently facing our nation is a matter of both economic and national security. Congress must find a solution to this challenge that allows the United States to decrease its dependence on unfriendly, foreign sources of oil and increase American energy production.

I believe we can meet our energy needs while preserving our natural environment, without a massive government regulatory program which will harm businesses and cost jobs. I oppose "cap and trade" proposals because they impose a massive tax and burdensome regulatory structure on greenhouse gasses which will cripple our economy. American businesses cannot afford to be put at a global disadvantage by onerous domestic energy policies.

We should support a wide-array of market-based energy solutions, including exploring America's oil and natural gas reserves, and developing the potential of nuclear, biomass, and other alternative sources. I believe that the federal government can create the conditions necessary to allow the private sector to innovate, create American jobs, stimulate the economy, and develop clean energy solutions.