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Time to Get Our Fiscal House in Order

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. YODER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today with grave concern over our country's economy and fiscal condition. For too long, Washington has borrowed money to finance government, and today our Nation's leaders continue to meet to discuss this looming crisis. We all know that this crisis is spending driven. It's not that government taxes too little; it's that government spends too much.

Mr. Speaker, the American people know that the policies of tax, borrow, and spend will not lead us to prosperity as a Nation. Taking more money from hardworking Americans and sending it to Washington is not the answer. Rather, it's time for Washington to roll up its sleeves, get to work, and live within its means, just like families and small businesses have to do all across this country. It's time to enact significant spending cuts, put in place caps on future spending, and pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

Mr. Speaker, if we are to rebuild our Nation's economy and put Americans back to work together, we must put our own fiscal house in order first.

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