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Marino Signs Cut Cap Balance Pledge

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Tom Marino has signed the Cut Cap Balance Pledge that vows to take steps to restore fiscal soundness, including a constitutional amendment to balance the budget.

The pledge is an effort by conservative individuals and groups to pressure legislators to tackle the $14.4 trillion national debt and set the stage for fiscal responsibility for future generations. The pledge has been signed by representatives, senators and presidential candidates, as well as thousands of Americans who vow to urge their elected officials to "cut, cap and balance."

The pledge asks legislators to support substantial budget cuts, an enforceable cap on federal spending, and congressional passage of a balanced budget amendment. The amendment would include provisions for spending limitations and a super-majority requirement for tax increases.

"This is a necessary approach to tackling our nation's financial problems," Marino said. "The deep budget cuts and the cap on spending will help reduce the deficit immediately. Passage of a balanced budget amendment will prevent Washington from saddling our children and grandchildren with a mountain of debt because the federal government will no longer have the ability to recklessly spend beyond its means."

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