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The Mississippi Press - President's Employment Forecast Yet to Come True


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One year has passed since the Obama administration's so-called "recovery summer." Like his failed trillion-dollar stimulus bill, the recovery summer was filled with empty promises of creating American jobs.

In a June 2010 statement, President Obama said the summer of 2010 would be the most active recovery period yet. He told Americans that thousands of shovel-ready projects across the country would create jobs and boost the economy.

A year later, national unemployment remains at 9.1 percent -- not the 6.8 percent President Obama predicted.

For the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans, the Democrats' policies have failed miserably. Their policies have not created jobs but instead added trillions to our national debt.

The truth is, our economy has not recovered and our economic outlook remains poor. For example:

* For 28 consecutive months, unemployment has been at or above 8 percent -- the level the president said we would never reach if the stimulus passed.

* Nearly 14 million unemployed Americans were looking for work in the month of May. Nearly 9 million Americans are working part-time because they cannot find full time employment.

* Two million unemployed Americans have given up on job hunting.

* The economy has lost nearly 1,908,000 jobs since the Democrats' stimulus became law.

One year after what was supposed to be President Obama's summer of economic recovery, do you feel better about the state of our nation? I certainly do not.

I do, however, feel confident that America can return to economic prosperity, if we foster an environment that encourages the private sector to create jobs.

First, we must address our record $14 trillion debt. House Republicans have done this, passing a budget that cuts more than $6 trillion in government spending, spurs job growth and will save Medicare for current and future retirees.

But the Democrats in the Senate have yet to pass a budget or address saving Medicare before it goes bankrupt.

House Republicans have passed legislation to tap America's energy resources to create jobs and lower gas prices.

I've worked offshore, and I understand the impact energy jobs have on families and the local economy.

To create jobs directly in South Mississippi, the president's reckless de facto moratorium on Gulf energy production should immediately be lifted.

Instead of addressing the long-term energy problem in America, the president took the politically expedient route by releasing 30 million barrels of oil from our emergency Strategic Petroleum Reserve -- showing how misguided this administration's agenda is on American-made energy.

We must rein in excessive regulatory burdens that make it increasingly difficult for businesses to create jobs and expand. When businesses are forced to waste time and money following unnecessary compliance requirements, they cannot invest as much in creating jobs, maximizing profits and providing quality services.

Finally, as a CPA, I know we must fundamentally reform our tax code to make businesses more competitive and put more money back in the pockets of families. By reducing and simplifying the corporate tax code, businesses will stop moving to foreign tax havens and instead invest and expand at home.

President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Senate have yet to present a serious plan for job growth. Republicans, on the other hand, have a plan for private and long-term job growth, and our plan will bring us back to a prosperous America.

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