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Price Introduces Bill to Protect Choices in Health Care Coverage


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement after introducing H.R. 2077 -- legislation that would repeal the medical loss ratio requirements (MLR) enacted under ObamaCare. The MLR provisions require insurance providers in the individual/small group and large group markets to spend 80 and 85 percent respectively of premiums collected on claims or quality improvement activities -- an action that will limit the number of available providers offering coverage.

"The MLR requirements -- one of ObamaCare's many attempts to manipulate the insurance market -- will result in fewer choices for Americans trying to find affordable health care coverage," said Congressman Price. "The president may have promised that if you like your coverage you can keep it, but his health care law retains the power to regulate to the point that those providing coverage Americans have counted on may be forced to opt out of a market. This does nothing to improve access to health care. It does the exact opposite and reflects once again how ObamaCare was not about patient choice and quality but rather government control. In tacit recognition that the MLR requirements are detrimental to ensuring Americans have access to affordable options, the Obama Administration has already granted waivers to the states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Nevada where it was determined the requirements could destabilize the states' markets. This provision along with all of ObamaCare should be repealed so that we can replace it with patient-centered reforms that actually address the impediments to access and which make quality care more affordable and based on individual choices."

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