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Marino: American Dream Being Crushed By Fiscal Mismanagement


Location: Washington, DC

If President Obama is serious about fulfilling dreams and restoring hope, I suggest he start by helping the U.S. citizens who are suffering from high unemployment, exorbitant gasoline prices, and rising costs of consumer goods.
The American dream as we knew it is being crushed by decades of Washington's overspending and fiscal mismanagement.
Record national debt and deficit, an economic climate that dissuades business expansion, and federal regulations that discourage entrepreneurs and thwart job creation -- they are all taking their toll on the dreams that U.S. citizens have for their children and grandchildren.
The President's Dream Act is not about diversity or opportunity. It's not about compassion or fairness. It's about lawlessness.
We have diversity. Millions of U.S. citizens of varied ethnic and economic backgrounds are suffering right now. Some of them can trace their family trees to the Mayflower. Some are offspring of the great immigration wave of America's 19th and 20th centuries. Some are new citizens who played by the rules, and waited their turn to enter this great country.
It is an insult to them to place the focus on individuals who broke our laws to come here and continue to break them every day that they stay in the United States illegally.
The President calls for immigration reform.
What we need is stricter enforcement by federal officials.
Just this week, in Luzerne County, an admitted illegal immigrant who was stopped for a traffic violation was released by the federal government, further proof that the first step is to start enforcing the law.

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