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House Republicans Get to Work on Energy Solutions


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Last week, I announced that I had joined the House Leadership in the founding and launching of HEAT, the House Energy Action Team. The goal of this team is to work together to promote energy policies that will address rising energy prices, create thousands of good jobs and enhance our national security by promoting energy independence for America. Already I am pleased to announce that we are hard at work doing just that.

This week, the House passed two bills that will help lift President Obama's job killing moratorium on the exploration and drilling for offshore oil. If signed into law, these bills, H.R. 1229 and H.R. 1231, are expected to create more than 250,000 jobs and help increase domestic energy production, which will in turn ease our dependence on foreign oil, increase our national security, and provide some much needed relief at the pump.

Our work on responsible and comprehensive energy solutions, however, cannot and will not stop this week. For far too long Washington has kicked the can down the road when it comes to a comprehensive energy plan. We can no longer afford to only focus on this issue when gas prices start to rise. Going forward, we need an all of the above approach involving alternative energy sources such as wind, biofuels, nuclear and coal, expanded drilling and exploration, as well as conservation. I look forward to getting to work on this plan with the other members of HEAT.

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