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Palazzo Committed to Long-Term Recovery


Location: Gulfport, MS

On the one year mark of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Representative Palazzo had the following to say.

"One year after the tragedy at the Macondo well, the people of the South Mississippi have once again proven their resiliency. While our recovery continues, we must not forget the loved ones of the 11 brave men who lost their lives providing for their families and securing America's energy needs. As our economy and environment recovers, I urge continued vigilance to identify the long-term effects from the spill. My office is dedicated to the long-term recovery of our economy and full restoration of the Gulf ecosystem by ensuring those responsible remain committed to the region."

"South Mississippians continue to be hurt by the Obama's de facto drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico. While measures to ensure safer drilling must be implemented, we must not continue to sideline a vibrant industry that is critical to our economy. 12,000 jobs and $500 million in salaries are in jeopardy due to the president's unnecessary slow permitting process. To prevent these jobs from permanently being sent to other countries, we need firm timelines for considering permits to provide certainty to investors and employers."

"I am committed to seeing that the Gulf and its residents are made whole. I am supporting legislation that equitably distributes Clean Water Act fines to be spent by local governments impacted by the disaster. Restoration efforts should be science-based and not determined by a top down federal government process that ignores our local and state leaders. Similarly, my office remains committed to ensuring BP provides a transparent and fair claims process. We are here to assist you during the claims process and will keep the pressure on Ken Feinberg to expedite payments."

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