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Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GRIFFITH of Virginia. I would like to thank the gentleman for bringing this amendment.

Madam Chair, the EPA has passed this so-called ``Tailoring Rule'' without there being any authority in the Clean Air Act to do so. The proper place for this type of debate, as the underlying bill makes clear, is in the Halls of Congress, not in the halls of the EPA.

There is a button that was very popular in my district--and still is--which reads, ``Who elected the EPA?'' The answer is no one; but we know who elects us. The people of the United States elect us, and they elect us to make the laws. This amendment makes it clear that this is where it belongs; thus, we should pass the bill. The amendment should be defeated. The bill should be passed.

It also makes clear that the EPA is overreaching and that they had to come up with a Tailoring Rule because, as they say, without it, it creates an absurd result, but those absurd results flow from the EPA's determination to reach these greenhouse gases as if they were harmful pollutants.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, this amendment, contrary to its patron's assertions, does not shield small businesses or farms, because it does not block the avalanche of additional greenhouse gas rules that come under various clean air programs. The EPA's greenhouse gas regulations will drive up the prices of gasoline, electricity, food, goods and services; and the cost of these regulations will be passed on to everyone, including to small businesses.

That's why the National Federation of Independent Business supports H.R. 910. A vote in favor of H.R. 910 will be scored as a major vote for the NFIB. The NFIB has said that using the Clean Air Act as a framework will trigger an avalanche of regulatory requirements that will burden hundreds of thousands of previously unregulated sources, including many small entities.

I ask that you reject the amendment.


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