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Public Statements

Protecting our Seniors

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. RAHALL. Mr. Speaker, Social Security and Medicare bring economic security within reach of working American families, regardless of income. Workers deserve the benefits they are owed after a lifetime of paying into these programs.

* And, yet, there are some, driven by blind ideology and partisanship, who aim to chip away at those guarantees, bit by bit. There are budget proposals--reducing the operating expenses for the Social Security program, and curtailing the ability of Social Security to pay benefits--that hint of a radical restructuring of the program. There are budget proposals that are unabashed in their radicalism toward Medicare.

* In the name of fixing deficits in other areas of the budget, some will try to point fingers at seniors programs as the culprit, but don't you believe it. We must be extremely cautious and jealous in protecting Social Security and Medicare, or we may find that they will be taken away forever.

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