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Capito Votes to Get Our Economy Back on Track and People Back to Work

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Today, the U.S. House voted 235 to 189 to cut government spending by over $100 billion relative to the President's FY2011 budget request. Because the Democrats failed to pass a budget or any appropriations bills, the government has been operating on a series of short-term funding extensions. The current extension expires on March 4, 2011. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

"West Virginians said loud and clear that the spending spree in Washington has to stop. The Democrat-controlled Congress added $3.37 trillion to the National Debt, causing sluggish economic growth and high unemployment. The more government borrows and spends, the harder it is for businesses to access capital and create jobs. Cutting spending will help create jobs and grow the economy in the short term and the long term," stated Capito. "We have a serious debt crisis on our hands, and we have a moral and ethical duty to solve it by reducing our spending. This is about making tough choices to ensure our children and grandchildren continue on a path to prosperity."

Living up to promises made in the Pledge to America, the bill was considered under an "open" rule, allowing for Members to introduce and debate changes and amendments.

"Democracy demands transparency, openness and vigorous debate. The behind-closed-door lawmaking that characterized the last Congress was rejected by the American people, and as such, we're committed to allowing those on both sides of the aisle to voice their opinion throughout the entire legislative process," commented Capito, who presided over the House during debate.

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