Scott Amendment to Deepen Spending Cuts Passes the House

Press Release

By:  Tim Scott
Date: Jan. 26, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

By a vote of 256-165, Congress voted to instruct the Budget Committee to cut federal spending for the remainder of 2011 to pre-stimulus 2008 levels or less. Rep. Tim Scott proposed the amendment in the Rules Committee asking for these deeper spending cuts, articulating the view of many in Congress that the initial spending proposals did not go deep enough. 17 Democrats supported the measure, which would bring all discretionary non-defense spending to pre-stimulus levels.

"It is time to return fiscal sanity to our federal government," said Rep. Scott, "Deficit spending is jeopardizing the American dream for our children. The most important thing that we can do in Washington is cut our spending so that our country can get back on sound fiscal footing. Only by getting our finances in order can we grow the economy and ensure a prosperous future for our children."