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Rep. Graves Votes to Repeal Obamacare

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-9) issued the following statement after voting for H.R. 2, the bill to repeal President Obama's health care law, which passed the House by a vote of 245 to 189:

"From the controversial process by which the law was passed to the policies that stretch the tentacles of big government into our most personal decisions, Obamacare stands in stark contrast to the founding principles of our nation. American voters' rejected the invasive law last November, and tonight, the House enforced their will by passing repeal legislation.

"The case for repealing Obamacare is founded in the law's unconstitutional mandates, countless regulations, $569 billion in new taxes, $2.6 trillion in new spending, and the painful reality of higher insurance premiums for families and burdensome penalties for businesses. Taken as a whole, Obamacare sells the myth that, if we trade away certain freedoms, government bureaucrats can somehow guide us to healthier lives. Americans see this false choice for what it is, which is why "repeal and replace' is a central part of the new House Majority's agenda.

"Tonight's vote marks the start of round two in the debate over health care in America, and, starting next week, House committees will begin working to produce replacement legislation for the existing law. Americans will see the introduction of ideas that are market-driven, rooted in competition and consumer choice, and focused on empowering patients and physicians. Above all, any replacement legislation for the health care law will be wholly beholden to the personal freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution."

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