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Today, We Voted to Repeal

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GRAVES of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, what a great day for America--a victory for the American people.

You know, last November the American people loudly demanded the repeal of ObamaCare, and today the House delivered.

Earlier today, I outlined why the American people were so opposed to this legislation. So tonight I thought I would remind my colleagues on the left as to why they rejected ObamaCare.

It was the employee mandate and the mandates on individuals that tax, penalize, and punish Americans who choose not to opt in to a government-approved health care system.

Maybe it was the $569 billion in new taxes or the $2.6 trillion cost or the $700 billion in deficit spending over the first 10 years this law is fully implemented, and who knows what after that.

More importantly, it violated our Constitution and our personal liberties.

So earlier today I asked my friends and folks back in the district who follow us on Facebook, the Georgians I work for and I represent, to respond to us as to how the legislation has already impacted them today. So we got a few of those responses; and, Mr. Speaker, I thought I would share some of those.

From north Georgia, Elisabeth in Rossville said her health insurance premiums have already almost doubled.

Jimmy in north Georgia said his health care premium is certainly more expensive.

Brian said his health insurance just went up by at least 8 percent, and the cost of his mother's Medicare part D coverage has doubled.

BJ in Calhoun, a health insurance agent, said premiums have risen, and companies he represents are reducing or eliminating commissions.

Then there is Jeremy in Ringgold. He was going to expand his business this year, but he was forced to put those plans on hold because of the costly and burdensome 1099 tax filing requirements that were required under ObamaCare.

It is because of these Americans that we not only repealed ObamaCare today but that tomorrow we will also vote on a House resolution directing the committees of jurisdiction to begin working on legislation through a transparent process--open to the American people--that will embody free market principles that, under many circumstances, will foster economic growth and private sector job creation; lower health care premiums through increased competition and choice; ensure patients have the opportunity to keep their health care plans if they like them; reform the medical liability system to reduce unnecessary and wasteful health care spending; remove barriers that prohibit health care plans from being purchased across State lines; provide the States greater flexibility to administer the Medicaid programs.

More importantly, it will be policy that empowers Americans with options instead of mandates coming from the Federal Government. Above all, our reforms will not infringe upon individual liberties.

So, Mr. Speaker, I want to thank those tonight who on Facebook responded to us in helping us start that round two of the ObamaCare debate.

Today, we voted to repeal. Tomorrow, we begin the work to replace with free market solutions.

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