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It's Time to Cut Federal Spending

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. FOXX. Madam Speaker, the American people sent a crystal clear message to Washington in November that they are tired of this town's job-killing spending spree. But it appears that our colleagues in the current majority didn't get the message.

As a result, the government funding bill we're going to debate this week continues the record-setting rate of spending passed by the Democrat majority last year. This includes the higher spending for programs that have been bolstered by unnecessary and ineffective stimulus dollars.

Republicans have pledged real spending cuts to get our Nation back to a responsible budget and help create jobs. In fact, we've proposed to cut spending to pre-bailout and pre-stimulus 2008 levels, which would save taxpayers $100 billion a year.

Madam Speaker, let's listen to the American people and get Federal spending under control.

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