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Middle Class Tax Relief Package Signed into Law; Menendez Says it Will Make a "Real Difference for Middle Class Families, Laid-Off Workers"


Location: Washington, DC

Today, President Obama signed into law the middle class tax relief package, which includes income tax relief for middle class families, the protection of 1.6 million New Jerseyans from a surprise Alternative Minimum Tax hike, and critical assistance for laid off workers, among other important relief provisions.

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) supported the package. In addition to being a long-time leader on preventing Alternative Minimum Tax hikes, he led the fight to ensure the package included tax benefits for rail and bus transit commuters. He also helped to champion tax relief to spur the use of solar energy.

Menendez released the following statement:

"These are tough times for many, and it is my priority to help make a real difference in the lives of middle class families and the hardest-hit workers. The tax relief package signed into law today will do just that.

"As a result of this action, taxes will actually decrease for middle class families starting on January 1, including an average payroll tax cut of $1,400 per household. Laid-off workers will be able to take care of their families. 1.6 million New Jerseyans will avoid a surprise Alternative Minimum Tax hike, which I have long championed. And I was proud to lead the effort that guarantees tax relief for rail and bus commuters, as well as tax relief that will help create jobs through solar energy.

"The decision of Republicans to prioritize millionaires and undertake shameful tactics in the process of getting to the compromise package stands in stark contrast to the Democrats prioritizing middle class families. In the end, enacting this package was not about tax breaks for millionaires, it was about guaranteeing tax relief for the middle class on January 1 and ensuring that laid off workers can keep food on the table. Debate about the future of our tax code will continue, and Democrats will continue to stand on the side of middle class families."

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