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Price Strenuously Objects to Push for Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants


Location: Unknown

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement on Democrat efforts to pass the DREAM Act, an amnesty providing citizenship for illegal immigrants.

"Supporters of this amnesty say it is only for children, and only for those who graduate from college or complete a term of military service," said Congressman Price. "Both claims are inaccurate and misleading. In reality, an illegal immigrant who is 29 years old could wind up on a fast-track to citizenship. And the DREAM Act actually permits amnesty for people who never serve in the military or obtain a college degree. Furthermore, federal law already provides a path to citizenship through military service.

"Conservative estimates project the DREAM Act will give amnesty to more than 1 million people, but the real number has the potential to be much higher. Illegals who receive amnesty could even extend it to their family members by sponsoring them for citizenship.

"For decades, both Democrat and Republican administrations have failed to secure America's borders and adequately enforce our immigration laws. This cannot continue. Americans do not want amnesty; they want border security and a smarter system for legal immigration."

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