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Capito Weighs in on Democrats' Tax Increase on Small Businesses


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Today, Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., weighed in on the Democrats' massive tax increase on small businesses. H.R. 4853 passed the House today by a vote of 234-188 with 20 Democrats voting against it:

"The Democrats continue to play politics with tax relief, putting our economy in jeopardy at a time of near double digit unemployment. Americans have been very clear in their calls for maintaining current tax rates across the board, and they understand that allowing tax cuts to lapse on small businesses is no way to spur job creation and growth.

"The Republicans have unequivocally supported tax relief extension for every taxpayer and pledged to work across the aisle to ensure all West Virginians receive a tax break during these tough economic times. Our pledge was met with veiled optimism, however, as the folks across the aisle knowingly introduced a bill that Republicans and even some Democrats would not support. It's widely accepted that the Senate has no interest in entertaining the provisions included in this tax bill, so let's stop wasting time and instead vote to extend all tax cuts. Our nation's small businesses expect and deserve certainty and clarity."

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