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Issue Position: Homeland Security and the War on Terror

Issue Position

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Former-President Bush once said, "We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them." Today we know that should the current Administration weaken America's resolve to defeat al Qaida in Iraq and Afghanistan the terrorists will most certainly meet us on our own soil. The two recent failed terrorist attempts on U.S. soil in Detroit and New York City illustrate an important principle. We must support our military's struggle against terrorism by acknowledging their accomplishments and supporting their efforts to infiltrate terrorist organizations and work towards freedom and democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We remain in a War on Terrorism, and to win we must be vigilant, determined, and united in full support of our troops. The men and women of our armed services have made great strides in the War on Terror and the rebuilding of Iraq. Although typically left unreported by the media, there is undeniable progress and hope in Iraq with each new day. The Iraqi people have proven they long for freedom and will continue to fight the terrorists by establishing a free, democratically elected government. However, our work is not done and we must continue supporting the bravest men and women on the planet, the United States Armed Forces. With the support of the American people their task will be completed that much sooner so that we can bring them home to the country they love and serve.

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