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Issue Position: Federal Spending and the Deficit

Issue Position

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The national deficit for 2009 is $1.4 trillion. As our national debt grows, the dollar is weakened and Americans have to work more so we can buy less. Curbing out of control spending and balancing the budget should be a top priority for Congress. Despite record spending on bailouts, stimulus bill, and programs such as Cash for Clunkers, Congress pushed through a 20% increase in government spending for the 2010 fiscal year. It is time that more than lip service is paid to controlling government spending. The only thing that follows record debt and spending is record tax increases.

This government has been on a massive spending spree for too long, and it is time for this reckless behavior to end. As an opponent of the stimulus and the only member of the Nevada delegation to vote against the bailout, I believe it is critical to rein in spending, address the yearly deficits, and get government debt under control.

For this reason I am a coauthor of the balanced budget amendment that would require our government to live within its means just Americans are required to do. As our national debt continues to grow, it is time to make fiscal responsibility a real priority. Moreover, I have voted to set non-security budget allocation levels at 2008 levels, before the bailouts and stimulus spending was implemented.

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