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Price Comments on October Unemployment Data


Location: Unknown

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement on the announcement of the October unemployment data.

"Many of the factors keeping unemployment high stem directly from actions the current Congress has taken or failed to take over the last two years," said Congressman Price. "ObamaCare, the uncertainty about tax rates, trillion-dollar deficits, and out-of-control regulators at the EPA and elsewhere have all put families and job creators on the defensive. And just this week, the Federal Reserve confirmed its plan to create more uncertainty about the value of our currency by printing another $600 billion. The number one focus for policymakers next year has to be removing these barriers to job creation.

"The Republican House majority elected by the voters last Tuesday believes that our economy can best be aided by empowering Americans to make their own decisions, live their own lives, and create their own prosperity. At its heart, this approach is a fundamental rejection of the "Washington knows best' attitude that has prevailed over the last few years. It is time to get Washington out of the way, so the rest of the country can get back to work."

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