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Bright Opposes Making Tax Cuts Permanent; Open to Massive Tax Increase In the Near Future

Press Release

Location: Montgomery, AL

Incumbent Democrat Bobby Bright said this week that he is opposed to making the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent, and instead favors extending them for a only a short period of time. Then he would be open to allowing the largest tax increase in American history to proceed.

Bright made the comment Monday night in a debate sponsored by WSFA Channel 12, saying "Let's extend those Bush tax cuts, for uh, a couple years. Then come back and revisit and see if there is something else different we can do."

Republican nominee Martha Roby told voters she will fight the Democrat tax increase and would vote to make the tax cuts permanent. She went on to say that it was unconscionable that Congress adjourned for the election and failed to pass legislation to stop the massive tax increase that will take effect two months from now.

"The way we grow jobs and get Alabamians back to work is to keep taxes low," said Roby. "I can't tell you the number of times small business owners have told me they have the ability to hire additional employees but don't because of the uncertainty coming out of Washington. Alabamians are struggling and we need to stop this tax increase, not for a day, a month or a year, but permanently. My opponent won't make that promise to you."

Roby has also said that lower taxes must be coupled with reduced spending and said she supports a balanced-budget amendment, repealing the unused portions of the failed stimulus bill, reducing spending to the 2008 budget levels, and repealing, defunding, and replacing ObamaCare.

In contrast her Democrat opponent, Bright, has touted the Democrats' dismal record on spending and growing government as examples of things he is most proud of in Washington.

"Voters are looking for a leader who will fight the Pelosi-Obama agenda, not enable it," said Roby. "This election comes down to who you can trust in Washington: a Democrat politician who said he is proud of his party's record on spending and who is open to a massive tax increase or a conservative leader who will fight the largest tax increase in American history, reduce government and empower people, not government. I will be a strong voice in Washington."

With just over a week to go before voters head to the polls, the momentum is clearly on Roby's side. She has raised more money than Bright in the last two reporting periods. And since the last report, 48-hour notices show Roby brought in more than $128,000 compared to only $38,000 for Bright.

Political experts also rank this race as one of the top ten to watch and one that is most likely to be won by the Republicans.

Recent polling shows Roby leading Bright by two points.

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