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Talks About Iowa GOP Debate (Interview)

Location: Hannity & Colmes




COLMES: We welcome Gary Bauer, who is with us.

BAUER: How you doing, Alan?

COLMES: Fresh from the heels of the debate. Mr. Bauer, welcome to HANNITY & COLMES. Good to have you here tonight.

BAUER: Thank you. Always be—always good to be with you guys (inaudible).

COLMES: Who won tonight? Who won the debate?

BAUER: Well, of course, I did. Look, I set out some goals tonight about getting very consistent questions answered about the sanctity of human life. And I can't believe Governor Bush had 36 hours to prepare for my question and he still blew it.

COLMES: Let me—the other people you're hearing responding and laughing at what you just said, Congressman Charles Rangel from New York City is with us, and so is Rich Bond, former head of the RNC. So that's who you're sharing...

BAUER: Good to be with you gentlemen.

COLMES: ... that's who you're sharing the microphone with us tonight.

U.S. REPRESENTATIVE CHARLES RANGEL (D-NY): You were terrific, Gary, lot of humor, and you really stuck with your issues.

BAUER: Thank you, I appreciate that.

COLMES: That's Charlie Rangel, that's a Democrat who said that to you.

RANGEL: No, he was good.

BAUER: I think that's actually the congressman's effort to torpedo my campaign.

COLMES: Maybe that's what it is. Let's—we were just talking about the answer that George W. Bush gave when he was asked about his favorite philosopher, and he said Jesus was, and whether or not that could come off as exclusionary. We also know that he gave an answer to Houston Post about three or four years ago, when he said that anybody who doesn't accept Jesus Christ will not get into the kingdom of Heaven.

Now, I understand, I respect his religious beliefs. But there might be those who feel, well, that doesn't include them, and they may not feel that that—they would be as included or accepted in a George W. Bush presidency with that kind of a philosophy.

BAUER: Well, I—you know, I have a lot of arguments with Governor Bush tonight, but this isn't one of them. I don't think it's exclusionary at all. Those of us that are followers of Christ obviously believe he's changed our lives, and as I tried to indicate in my answer, I believe his teachings will make a president better...

HANNITY: Gary...

BAUER: ... to the extent that we have to reach out to the poor, we have to have racial reconciliation...

HANNITY: Gary...

BAUER: ... and we have to save our unborn children.

HANNITY: ... and we have to pay some bills. But we'll continue, more with Gary Bauer...

BAUER: Fantastic.

HANNITY: ... with Gary Bauer as we continue on HANNITY & COLMES. We want to say a special thank you to my good friend Charlie Rangel and Rich Bond joining us. Rich, thanks for being with us for most of the hour, appreciate it, always appreciate you being on board.


HANNITY: When we come back, more with Gary Bauer. And don't forget our special edition of HANNITY &

COLMES, 11:00 Eastern tonight, as we'll be joined by Senator Orrin Hatch, Ambassador Alan Keyes, and others. We hope you'll be joining us as well, right after Paula Zahn on THE EDGE. Please stay tuned.


HANNITY: We continue now with Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer. You had a couple of strong exchanges tonight with George W., one about China and one about abortion. Let's start with the abortion question first. How did—what did you think of his answer?

BAUER: Well, I was disappointed, Sean, as I just said before we broke for commercials, I gave the governor 36 hours' advance notice on this. Look, there's no way Governor Bush would put a bigot on as a running mate. That's a fundamental question. We all agree on this. There's no way he would even put somebody on that believed in higher taxes, because that would signal that he wasn't serious about lowering taxes.

Why would he hesitate on a fundamental question of whether his running mate will be pro-life? I won't hesitate. Mine will be.

HANNITY: All right, fair enough, clear distinction between the two of you. It was interesting his answer, as you guys battled over China and the World Trade Organization, you know, he started quoting how many extra billion metric tons of grain from Iowa will be sold to the Chinese. I found the answer fairly impressive. What did you think?

BAUER: Well, I thought he was dead wrong, and for this simple reason. History ought to count for something. For 10 years, Sean, they've been telling us if we gave China most-favored-nation status, we would be able to sell more grain to them. Grain sales are lower now than they were 10 years ago. You put them in the World Trade Organization, and the WTO will kowtow to them so badly that Iowa farmers will be left out in the cold again.

COLMES: Gary, to this back issue of abortion, you certainly can't say that George Bush is pro-choice, you certainly can't say that he would favor a woman's right to choose, and doesn't want to overturn Roe versus Wade, which he said he wants to do, but the time isn't right.

So, I mean, how...

BAUER: Sean, (inaudible)...

COLMES: This is Alan, by the way. How antiabortion...

BAUER: I'm sorry, Alan.

COLMES: ... should he have to be?

HANNITY: Please.

BAUER: Look, when is the time right to overturn one of the worst court decisions in the history of our country? This is really a simple, fundamental question. The governor was interviewed in "Talk" magazine a couple months ago, and he was asked whether abortions had gone down in Texas. His response was, I don't know. Maybe they've gone down...

HANNITY: Gary...

BAUER: ... but if they did, it has nothing to do with me.

HANNITY: Gary, should that be for every cabinet position? Are you saying all your cabinet—the entire Bauer cabinet would be pro- life? That's a litmus test for everybody?

BAUER: On all the key appointments in my administration, this central principle with—will hold.

HANNITY: Does that mean every cabinet member?

BAUER: I will put...

HANNITY: Ye—you know.

BAUER: I will put—I will put no bigots in my cabinet. I will put nobody in my cabinet that thinks it's OK to sacrifice the lives of innocent children.

HANNITY: All right, back to the Jesus Christ answer for just a quick second. Was that saying that the philosophy of men is inferior to that of Jesus, because (inaudible) -- Alan was creating a bit of a controversy about this earlier. Is that how you interpreted that?

BAUER: No, I interpreted it that Christ said things to the world that have not been spoken as effectively by anybody else. He told us where our liberty came from, he told us the path to salvation for those of us that believe in him. And I've—look, guys, we could do a lot worse than have Washington...

COLMES: Gary...

BAUER: ... senators, congressmen...

COLMES: ... thank you for your time...

BAUER: ... and presidents that believe in Jesus Christ.

COLMES: ... we got to take a break. Gary, thank you for being with us tonight.

BAUER: Thank you.


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