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Issue Position: A Brief Description of Rob's Beliefs

Issue Position

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Rob believes in Utah--and Rob believes in you. A life-long resident of the first congressional district, Rob is committed to representing your beliefs and empowering your decisions. He's a passionate pro-life advocate; an ardent defender of Second Amendment rights; a fierce proponent of states' rights; and an unwavering constitutional conservative.

Rob believes in a strong national defense. The United States Armed Forces must always be ready to fight and win America's wars. Now more than ever, America is a target of evil. Ensuring a strong national defense is vital to the health and prosperity of our nation.

Hill Air Force Base, and our other installations like the Utah Test and Training Range, Dugway Proving Ground, and the Tooele Army Depot, are critical components of our national defense system. Protecting Hill and Utah's other military installations is one of Rob's priorities, but it cannot be done alone. We must all continue to be active partners in defense of the base and our other installations.

Rob Bishop believes in fiscal discipline. After more than thirty years, in 1996, a Republican Congress succeeded in passing a balanced national budget. Unfortunately, this has not endured. Rob believes we must make a commitment to the American people to provide a balanced budget and pay down the national debt. Government must be reduced and waste eliminated. As Speaker of the Utah House, Rob put together a balanced budget every year. As a Congressman, Rob has consistently voted for smaller, more conservative budgets. Federal spending is one of the greatest threats to our country and our future. Budgets have never been balanced by raising taxes, only through spending restraint.

Rob believes in reduced taxes. The best way to stimulate a struggling economy is to give money back to the consumer. Taxes need to be cut, and the cuts need to be permanent.

Rob believes in quality education. He has consistently fought the educational bureaucracy. He has put the needs of students above the system. Nevertheless, he believes there is no excuse for underperforming schools in America. Parents should have choices, schools should be accountable, and teachers must be empowered. As a schoolteacher, Rob has the in-the-classroom experience to back up his beliefs. He will fight to get the federal government out of the classroom.

Rob believes we can protect our environment while allowing for wise stewardship and multiple use. Man is an integral part of the environment, not the environmental enemy. Stewardship means respecting and enhancing the land and natural resources; it does not mean locking up the land and throwing away the key. Rob will continue to fight to protect the rights of the public to access and use public lands.

Rob believes in the Constitution as it was written. He is a strong defender of constitutional rights. Protecting private property, defending Second Amendment rights, fighting unfunded mandates, and restoring states' rights and the balance of power in federalism are all priorities for which Rob continues to fight on which he has cast many important votes.

With all these issues, Rob has the record to back up the rhetoric. He has the experience to continue to make a difference in Washington and the core values that are shared with a majority of Utahns.

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