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Blog: Are Democrats Trying to Kill the American Dream?


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Massive Job losses continue 21 months after the failed Stimulus Bill

Twenty-one months after Obama's stimulus bill; job losses still continue and continue and continue. On the heels of what was supposed to be the summer of recovery the unemployment rate has now hit 10.1 percent. This does not consider the 18.8 percent who are underemployed or those who have gave up on their job search and exited the workforce.

What has our current Congressman done to create jobs? He rubber stamped reckless spending and job-killing legislation like the failed-trillion dollar stimulus bill that shipped jobs overseas to China. The job-killing National Energy Tax, the offshore oil drilling moratorium and the government takeover of healthcare have created a toxic environment for job creation. The trickle down effect of these policies will devastate South Mississippi's economy, but our Congressman still does nothing. Rather than addressing the nation's most troubling economic concerns, House Democrats bailed on providing a budget to get the economy back on track and refused to stop looming tax hikes on struggling middle-class and small businesses. They were more focused on jetting home to campaign for re-election rather than solving the problems facing our country.

We can save the American Dream

But, we can save the American dream and create Mississippi jobs. In 25 days, we have the opportunity to vote for conservatives that promise to craft policies that will build growth-friendly business environments.

As a CPA and small business owner, I understand that businesses should not be paying higher taxes at times when we need them to be expanding. I not only support keeping the Bush tax cuts in place, but further reducing the toxic burden taxes put on families and small businesses. Gene Taylor supports the $2 trillion dollar tax hikes that will begin January 1, 2011.

I understand we must reduce the spending if we are going to create jobs. My opponent has rubberstamped record spending under the Obama and Pelosi regime. I promise, I will never vote for a bailout and I will reduce spending. Families and small businesses can't spend more than they earn and neither should the federal government.

We must reduce the burden of regulation brought onto small businesses, such as the requirement in the government healthcare takeover that any purchase of $600 or more by a small business require a form to be filed with the IRS. This insane practice and others like it only inhibit growth and cause inefficiencies that reduce profitability.

Finally, we must end the uncertainty. Businesses can't grow and invest when they don't know how much money the government will take from them. We need leaders who resolve problems head on rather than leaving problems for others to face.

Join me and my plan to grow the economy and create South Mississippi jobs. Together we can save the American dream and allow future generations to prosper.



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