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Issue Position: The Economy

Issue Position


"We must ensure a vibrant and sound economy for Iowa through fiscal responsibility and sound public policy."

Congressman Leonard Boswell understands that with tough times come tough choices. During the 111th Congress, Boswell has tackled the challenge of rebuilding Main Street while reigning in Wall Street. He has supported legislation that has created or maintained Iowa jobs, invested in important Iowa industries, and provided benefits to the state's unemployed and their families.

But even as there are signs the economy is coming back, Boswell understands that his job is far from over. Despite job growth in private sector and jobs saved in the public sector, Iowans are still out of work and families are struggling. Boswell will continue to fight for tax credits that relieve financial burdens on the middle class; encourage small businesses to grow and hire new workers; and grow Iowa's key industries. In addition to these tax incentives, Boswell supports additional funding to maintain Iowa's high-quality education system, and allocating federal dollars to improve the state's roads and infrastructure.

The Wall Street bankers and financial companies that gambled with the futures and livelihoods of America's middle class must not be allowed to return to the same greed-driven risk-taking of 2008. Boswell will continue to fight for regulatory reform that ends taxpayer-funded bailouts, protects families' investments and small businesses' financial futures, ends predatory lending practices and "too big to fail firms," and injects transparency and accountability into the financial system.

Boswell understands that Iowans are working harder than ever to contribute to their communities and support their families, and every day, Boswell is working hard for Iowans to give them the tools they need to get back on their feet and build their futures.

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