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Martha Roby Releases "Roadmap" Television Ad

Press Release

Location: Montgomery, AL

Today, the Martha Roby for Congress campaign released its first television ad of the general election, titled "Roadmap." The ad will run on broadcast stations in both the Montgomery and Dothan media markets.

"Washington is broken and in need of fundamental reform," said Martha Roby, Republican nominee for Alabama's Second Congressional District. "We need to break Washington's addiction to spending, stop the job-killing legislation, and get our economy back on track. With Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats running Congress none of this will happen."

"I will go to Congress to take the gavel away from Nancy Pelosi and enact real conservative change," said Roby. "By following the principles laid out in my Roadmap we can guide America towards a stronger and brighter future."

To view the ad, please click here.



"Exploding deficits, new and higher taxes, government-run health care, secret deals.

That's how Washington works.

My Roadmap for Alabama is real conservative change.

A plan to reduce spending, keep taxes low, and for common-sense health care reform.

All out in the open so you have a say.

Nancy Pelosi won't allow this. But I'll vote to take away her gavel, so we can get America back on track.

I'm Martha Roby and I approve this message."

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