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Issue Position: Fight for Fiscal Integrity

Issue Position


Situation: The Government's Morally Bankrupt Boondoggle

If your finances looked like the federal budget, you wouldn't get elected. You'd get arrested. In the past two fiscal years, tax revenues have increased by double-digit percentages; but spending, the budget deficit, and the debt reached record levels. The government's morally bankrupt boondoggle with your hard-earned money is a fiscal scam harming Americans' prosperity; and is an immoral usurpation of Americans' liberty and sovereignty.

Recently, the Christian Science Monitor reported 52.6% percent of Americans receive "significant income from government programs." And the aging Baby Boomers are hitting "entitlement age," and beginning to receive Social Security and Medicare benefits. This is pushing funding off the cliff.

Will our Global Generation hit the brakes in time? Writing about the decline and fall of democracies, Alexander Tyler thinks we won't hit the brakes: "A democracy…can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. The world's great civilizations have only lasted two hundred years." Our free republic is nearly 232 year-old.

Solution: Fight for Fiscal Integrity

We must fight for fiscal integrity in federal spending. Government spends what it takes; taxpayers spend what they make. Thus, the government pays for nothing; taxpayers pay for everything.

To honor its fiduciary duty to taxpayers, government must:

* Empower citizens to pursue their happiness and destinies free from governmental dependence

* Revitalize federalism to cut the federal government's growth by restoring communities and smaller governmental units as the laboratories of democracy

* Pass a Constitutional balanced budget amendment to put sovereign citizens over the shoulders of the spenders

* Limit the growth of the federal budget to the growth of family budgets, so politicians can't spend faster than parents

* Reform entitlements by strengthening Medicare by increasing Seniors' choice and control over benefits and free-market oriented options; revitalizing Medicaid by focusing on recipients' preventative and catastrophic health care; and refinancing Social Security by freezing the current payroll tax but allowing young people to receive and freely invest a time discounted portion of their future benefits now

* Dent the federal debt by directing all recouped revenues from prior appropriations and exactions be, instead, used to eliminate the portion of the federal debt held by communist China.

* Lower baseline spending by immediately enacting an initial reduction and adding annual deficit targets enforced by across-the-board spending reductions on both entitlement and discretionary spending

* Sunset all reauthorized and newly authorized federal spending

* Tighten the definition of "emergency" spending and establish a "rainy day" fund for non-military emergencies based on a formula to stop politicians from disguising pork as "help"

* End pork-barrel earmarks by passing the legislative line item veto, compelling transparency, and stopping all duplicitous practices

* Promote ingenuity and honor to save taxpayers' money and streamline efficiencies by awarding prizes to innovators; rewarding whistle blowers; and modernizing all technologies within the federal bureaucracy.

* Finally, sovereign citizens must hold politicians accountable for spending

Restoration: The Sovereigns of their Destiny

Now and for the future, the fight for fiscal integrity is a fight for citizens' liberty and prosperity. We are born with our rights. They are not given to us by the government. Our government was instituted to protect our rights and serve citizens, not for citizens to serve the government. Therefore, we know the government must efficiently spend our tax dollars, lest it cheat us and future generations of Americans

Achieving fiscal integrity in federal spending -- now -- will guarantee our increased prosperity. The government should become the servant of sovereign citizens; and Americans remain the sovereigns of their destiny.

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