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Issue Position: Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Issue Position


I am proud to be an American citizen that "clings to guns and religion." I am a longtime gun-owner because I recognize that the Second Amendment was written to insure that America would have not only an informed citizenry, but an armed citizenry. Our liberties fundamentally depend on the willingness of individuals to stand for their God given rights. We cannot lose the noble heritage of individual rights and corresponding responsibilities that are ancestors passed down to us. That is why I am an active member of various hunting clubs and have been trained in using firearms safely. I would take these principles with me to Congress. One piece of gun rights legislation that I would support as a congressman is a national "Right-to-Carry" law. This law is already on the books in 40 states. While I applaud the efforts of these states, their legislation is confusing for travelers, who have to check the books every time they pass an interstate line. We have a moral duty to preserve our 2nd Amendment for future generations.

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